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Social media affords us an opportunity to see a lot of articles (and some funny stuff) from some of the old greats and some of the good newbies. I see a lot of valuable information go across my feed.  I will use this page to post some of these as I come across them,  a library to refer to.  Enjoy and learn!

Basic Horsemanship: nuts and bolts. Is my horse happy?

By Leslie Poirier

Our Training Is Not Some Wizardry: Day 1 Of A McLain Ward Clinic

By: Tricia Conahan  COTH

Independent and Effective Aids Start With a Strong Position

By Holly Hugo-Vidal

George Morris on young people and the industry

Never miss another jumping distance  By Scott Stewart

More strait talk from George Morris:

George Morris – Position is the Foundation. If You Think It’s for Pretty, You’re Dumb

The top trips from the 2015 ASPCA Maclay Finals.

Watch why they won!

To Add or Not to Add.  The Talent Search Finals Review.  By Rebecca Walton

To Add or Not to Add, The Talent Search Finals Review

From Practical Horseman "15 Riding Tips from George Morris"
By Sandra Oliynyk  15 Riding Tips from George Morris

Terrific article about teaching and responsibility

Teach your children well  By Jeremy Steinberg

All too true account of what happens way too much at horse shows. 

By Cheryl L. Eriksen, MSW, Equine Enthusiast, EAGALA groupie and writer

of interesting, educational and entertaining blog posts!

Are you a rider or a parasite?

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