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Leslie is a USHJA Certified instructor who has been teaching horseback riding lessons to children and adults for over 35 years. As a child she was a member of Glastonbury Pony Club. She graduated the UCONN Animal Science program and then owned and operated Ansala Farms, a breeding and training farm where she taught riding lessons in Andover, CT for 18 years.  She spent 12 years building and managing the riding program and schooling the green horses at Kingsley Farm in Coventry, CT with Dee Dee Hopper.  She was with Full Circle Farm in Manchester, CT from 2010 to early 2015 where she built the riding program and initiated and coached the successful IEA Show team. She now teaches out of Hunters Run Stables in Glastonbury, CTC&M Farms Equestrian Centerin Bolton, CT andMeadowbrook Farm in Lebanon, CT. Her instruction in equitation and hunters is based on the classic principles of  George Morris and  Bernie Traurig  as well as other great masters who teach that position is always the first building block in a rider and only from proper position and balance do softness and feel  develop.  In addition good horsemanship produces a happy, comfortable horse which will always be the best  and most willing partner. She strives to create proficient students in and out of the show ring focusing on safety and horsemanship as well as form and function.  From nurturing a first time beginner rider or young horse, to coaching them to their first blue ribbon and championship she instills a sense of responsibility and passion for all aspects of riding and horse care. Her students have achieved Finals wins and year-end awards at many levels. She brings her diverse equine background to her students. If you are looking for horseback riding lessons for yourself or your child call Leslie!

Training is offered both in conjunction with lessons when needed and independent of them.  For more information:

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Horseback riding lessons in Hunters Equitation IEA: A USHJA Certified riding instructor in Glastonbury, Bolton and Lebanon, CT

Looking for horseback riding lessons that will take you from the sidelines to the show ring?

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Ansala/Leslie Poirier

Ansala/Leslie Poirier

Ansala/Leslie Poirier is a showcased Glastonbury, CT horseback riding lessons instructor on NewHorse.com!

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Riding Instruction in Glastonbury, CT
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                     Riding Lessons                                                     Leslie offers horseback riding lessons for all ages and levels of riders from the very young child or older adult just starting out to the experienced competitor.  HerIEA teams  are for middle and high school students who want to compete in the interscholastic arena. She welcomes riders looking to move to the next level and tailors an individual approach for each rider.  She shares her lifelong love of horses and passion for horsemanship with all her students focusing on safety and instilling confidence in all her students.

The USHJA certification assures adherence to timeless, traditional standards that have been the bedrock of success for so many top riders over so many years.  The rider’s effect on and relationship with the horse is nurtured and educated to create working partnerships. Come join our team! For more information and pricing:

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