Leslie has been coaching adults and children at horse shows for 35 plus years, from young leadline children to much more advanced jumping.  Riding lessons are the first step to a rewarding lifelong passion that horses can become! Showing can be an important step in that development. Riders have options from schooling shows just starting out to rated shows and finals. Leslie strives for a "happy horse" that is willing to give the best performance and is very educated in achieving this goal. For an in depth look at her philosophy, read" Basic Horsemanship: nuts and bolts. Is my horse happy?" on her blog  Notes from a riding instructor

First Horse Show

Leslie attends many CHJA, CHSA, IEA and schooling shows across Connecticut every year, hauling and coaching her students, in accordance with their personal goals and abilities to many finals and year end awards.   2016 CHSA Finals pics

Horse Show Fun
Champion @ Westbrook Reindeer

Horse showing at rated and IEA shows Glastonbury, CT

Ready for first horse show!

‚ÄčAnsala/Leslie Poirier

Leslie's show team circa 2004


Alyssa Benoit and Prince of Iron CHSA Finals 2013

True Horsemanship-Classic Instruction-Lasting Friendships.

Champion CHSA Finals

78 Hunter Lane, Glastonbury, CT   



Marissa Giuliano and Appsolute Gentleman Westbrook circa 2007

Ansala/Leslie Poirier

Coaching fees:  per rider
$45 schooling or IEA shows
$65 Rated shows
Trucking Fees:  as per trucking list
Trucking is split between people sharing horse
Horse fee: varies depending on horse, show and classes
Horse fee is for non-owners and non-leases only.
Payment is appreciated by the day of show.

2017 Ansala Show Schedule

2017 CHSA Show Schedule

2017 CHJA Approved shows


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