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Training is offered both in conjunction with lessons when needed and independent of them.  Leslie  has extensive experience both with training young horses and retraining problem horses.  She was tasked with bringing the green horses along when working with Dee Dee Hopper at Kingsley Farms. These days "made" horses are quite expensive and many riders start with somewhat less than an experienced show horse. She brings horses along in accordance with their physical ability and mental maturity at their own pace. Leslie uses basic horsemanship, education of the rider as well as conditioning and training of the horse to produce results.   Training your horse is always an ongoing process,  as George Morris says  "Every second, you're either schooling or un-schooling your horse. There's no in-between."

These pictures and video are of a mare who couldn't even canter the year before. Through patient training and conditioning,  this past summer they attended their first show over fences!

‚ÄčAnsala/Leslie Poirier

Ansala/Leslie Poirier


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